Monthly Archives: September 2004

Genesis herverteld

Vandaag voor het eerst geluisterd naar een lied dat ik al vaker gehoord heb, maar, blijkbaar, nog nooit op waarde heb geschat: het lied “Forbidden Fruit”, uitgevoerd door Nina Simone (van “The Best of Nina Simone”, 1992). Een citaat als teaser:

The lord made eve adam’s madam have his kids and all
Placed some labour laws on adam and he made the snake to fall
Ever since the days of eden folks been sinful my
Nowadays they’re even eating apples in their pie

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Internet Explorer screws up

As you might have noticed I have designed a new lay-out for If you’re a Internet Explorer user you might not like the new layout — IE screws up the design. Probably because IE doesn’t comply with CSS and XHTML standards. Mozilla Firefox displays everything very nice.

So you have 2 options:

  • download Firefox and start using a real browser (hehe)
  • have patience till i solved all problems.

You think i’m overreacting, eh? Read the IE Factor, an article by Stopdesign, the g(irl)(uy)(s) who wrote several of the (truly beautiful) default designs for Blogger