Monthly Archives: November 2007

SSSR 2007 digest: books to read

Conferencing is mainly: meeting people and getting new ideas. The most important harvest of the SSSR 2007 conference is new people I know, and this must-read list. Succesful conferences last weeks, instead of days…

Bader, V. 2007. Secularism or Democracy? Associational Governance of Religious Diversity. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press.

Byrnes, T. A., en P. J. Katzenstein. 2006. Religion in an Expanding Europe.

Ecklund, EH, en JZ Park. 2007. Religious Diversity and Community Volunteerism Among Asian Americans. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 46, no. 2: 233-244.

Hondagneu-Sotelo, P. 2007. Religion And Social Justice for Immigrants.

Jeung, R. 2005. Faithful Generations: Race and New Asian American Churches.

Kniss, F. L., en P. D. Numrich. 2007. Sacred Assemblies and Civic Engagement: How Religion Matters for America’s Newest Immigrants. Rutgers University Press.

Olupona, J. O. K., en R. Gemignani. 2007. African Immigrant Religions in America. New York University Press.

Thomas, William Isaac, en Florian Znaniecki. 1958. The Polish peasant in Europe and America,. New York: Dover Publications.