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Marten van der Meulen, Sociologist of Religion. Areas of professional interest: religion & immigration, #tp14 and #tp15, social capital, civil society, evangelicalism, pentecostalism, practical theology, emerging churches, village churches, city churches, migrant churches, Protestant churches, Dutch churches, all churches, basically.

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Current research

At the moment (2015) I work at the Protestant Theological University in Groningen, the Netherlands. I am involved in different researches, most of them associated with research platform Connecting Churches and Cultures.

Older research

From 2005 – 2010 I worked as a postdoc at the VU University, studying migrant churches in Amsterdam.

In June 2006 I finished a PhD study titled “Vroom in de Vinex. Kerk en civil society in Leidsche Rijn” (“Faith in the Suburb. Church and Civil Society in Leidsche Rijn”). My research is based on (mostly) etnographic fieldwork in Leidsche Rijn, the largest new VINEX building project in the Netherlands. During the year 2002 I followed two church-building projects, an ecumenical project called “Being Church in Leidsche Rijn” and a conservative reformed project, called RijnWaarde.

Selected publications

Roeland, Johan e.a. “‘Can we dance in this place?’: Body Practices and Forms of Embodiment in Four Decades of Dutch Evangelical Youth Events”. Journal of Contemporary Religion 27.2 (2012): 241–256. Taylor and Francis. Web. 19 jun. 2012.

Meulen, Marten van der. “Civic engagement measured in square meters. Church and civil society in a Dutch suburb”. Social Compass 59.4 (2012): 552–569. Web. Link

—. “How to study Pentecostal civic participation: Focus on theological narrative”.Revue Congolaise de Theologie Protestante 12 (2012): 231 – 247. Print.

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Knibbe, Kim, Marten van der Meulen, and Peter Versteeg. “Why Participation Matters to Understand Ritual Experience”. Fieldwork in Religion 6.2 (2011): 104–119. Web. Link

Knibbe, Kim, en Marten van der Meulen. “Review of: Global Christianity: Contested Claims, Frans Wijsen and Robert Schreiter (eds.), Amsterdam: Rodopi 2007”. Exchange 38 (2009): 389–405. Print.

Knibbe, K., and M. van der Meulen, Review of Global Christianity. Contested Claims, by F. Wijsen and R. Schreiter (eds.) Exchange 38.4 (2009). Link

Meulen, M. van der. “The Continuing Importance of the Local. African Churches and the Search for Worship Space in Amsterdam.” African Diaspora 2.2 (2009): 150-181. Link

—. “Being Illegal is Like Fishing Without Permit: African Churches, Illegal Immigration and the Public Sphere.” A Moving God. Immigrant Churches in the Netherlands. Ed. M.M. Jansen en H.C. Stoffels. Munster: Lit Verlag, 2008. Link

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—. “Waarom babyboomers de kerk verlieten.” Niet zo’n kerkganger. Zicht op buitenkerkelijk geloven. Ed. G. Heitink en H. C. Stoffels. Baarn: Ten Have, 2003.


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