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Shorter fiction: Borin’s fall

Foto: Kevin Dooley, Flickr

“I should’ve done more to appease the gods,” Borin thought. He was hanging with his head down above a deep cleft. He could see the water of a stream flowing around rocks with jagged edges. The troll holding one of his legs was about to throw him in. “And,” he observed, surprised by his own calm as he was falling down, “why did i order a stupid fruit shake instead of a double espresso macchiato?”

Praxishabitus, a new blog by Gerardo Marti

Gerardo Marti, author of A Mosaic of Believers and Hollywood Faith, and upcoming recognized expert on all things evangelical has started a weblog. Gerardo once confided to me he had been an evangelical pastor (in the church he describes in Mosaic) and had read several European theologians like Karl Barth and Bonhoeffer — that alone would have triggered my interest in his weblog, but he also happens to be an an excellent sociologist of religion. So this is a must follow.


Het lege land
waar keien schuilen
in een grijze waas
en mossig groen.

Het zwarte land
waar een poel de grond
herschept tot aardse

Het moederland
herbergt haar dochter
in witte lakens
en mat beton.

Haar oude land
beklijft in zwart – wit,
in nachten vol van

Haar nieuwe land
tekent zich af in
felle kleuren, een
van een kind.