Het lege land
waar keien schuilen
in een grijze waas
en mossig groen.

Het zwarte land
waar een poel de grond
herschept tot aardse

Het moederland
herbergt haar dochter
in witte lakens
en mat beton.

Haar oude land
beklijft in zwart – wit,
in nachten vol van

Haar nieuwe land
tekent zich af in
felle kleuren, een
van een kind.

Beyond the God delusion with Elaine Ecklund

Elaine Howard Ecklund published an interesting blogpost on the religiosity of scientists on SSRC’s The Immanent Frame weblog. The post is based on research she already has published about in Social Problems (54:2, 2007). She however does not talk about her research findings too much, but instead argues how universities could better facilitate the public discussion on religion and science. A must read for anyone interested in religion, which probably involves all of you who made it here and read this post 😉 And of course congratulations to Elaine about being asked to publish on such a prestigious weblog.

For those really interested: I had an interesting discussion two years ago on this subject here: and here

SSSR 2007 digest: books to read

Conferencing is mainly: meeting people and getting new ideas. The most important harvest of the SSSR 2007 conference is new people I know, and this must-read list. Succesful conferences last weeks, instead of days…

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